making more than a fashion statement



Simplify your style. Empower your mind. That is what the Always Coco Collection is all about. And here is why I created it...

I entered the fashion blogging world a couple years ago and it ended up being a bit of a struggle for me.

Constantly being surrounded by other fashion bloggers, fashionistas and stylists pushing the latest trends..

I stopped buying anything with intention. And starting buying things because they were telling me too.

So what I decided to do was go on a social media hiatus. And everyday for a couple weeks I decided to get dressed without the influence of others.

The whole idea was to find my own personal style again. Which turned out to be quite simple because my style is exactly that. Simple. I invest in staple pieces and dress it up with a flare item or fun accessory.

This is where the idea of the “Always Coco”  piece surfaced. I wanted to create an accessory you could put across a variety of simple looks and wear for almost any occasion and look just as fashionable as any fashionista out there without having to overthink it.

And that’s really what this piece is all about, not having to overthink your wardrobe. And more than just helping you simplify your style I’d like the piece to serve as a reminder of simplifying other aspects of your life too.

I know as someone who has struggled with anxiety since I was a little girl that I tend to overthink my style, my work, my relationships, really everything. And the biggest thing I have learned from this journey is that we don’t have to over complicate it all.

So my goal with this piece is to make a small footprint in the world of simplicity and simplified thoughts and do it through the topic of fashion.

With all that being said I will share a portion of each purchase with the National Alliance of Mental Illness to promote simplicity and bring awareness to mental health.