making more than a fashion statement

about coco & her collection

Designs that make more than a fashion statement. Simplify your style. Empower your mind. That is what the Always Coco Collection is all about.


Coco started her fashion career when she entered the fashion blogging world. This proved to be a bit of a struggle for her.


Constantly being surrounded by other fashion bloggers, fashionistas and stylists pushing the latest trends..  She stopped buying anything with intention and starting buying because she wanted to keep up.

To address the lack she was feeling she went on a social media hiatus. Everyday for a couple months she decided to get dressed without the influence of others.

The whole idea was to rediscover her own personal style again. Which turned out to be quite simple. As seen through out her brand her style is exactly that. Simple. Coco invests in staple pieces and dresses up the look with a thoughtful accessory. 


These pieces were designed to be thoughtful and versatile. Made so that you don't always need more but find ways to do more with less.  Her hope is to help simplify your style but also create pieces to serve as a reminder of simplifying other aspects of your life too.


She also creates custom Fine Jewelry to help bring your dream project to life.

5% of our proceeds from the Signature Collection go to promoting simplicity and bringing awareness to mental health.