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Therapeutic Painting

Therapeutic Painting

Recently, I have been experiencing a bit more anxiety than usual. So what do I do? Like any other problem I have in my life I get on google and look for answers 🙂 Therapeutic painting was something that surfaced for anxiety, and it caught my attention.

I had read that painting can be very therapeutic and it just so happened my friend was hosting a watercoloring event this past weekend. I signed up and attended the class on Saturday. Even with the high anticipation of it to be healing and therapeutic the class exceeded my expectations in many ways. It was calming, relaxing, and my favorite part… it was distracting. As someone who gets in their head and hyper focused on certain topics it allowed me to get out of that space. I was present in the moment and found more clarity in the week.

Anddddd based on my google research it does more than just that. Here are a couple other health benefits I found to painting.

  • It Fosters Creative Growth

Painting comes more naturally for those who are right brained. Taking up painting as a hobby for your right brain will continue to expand your creativity and take it up as a left-brain person can stimulate creative growth and exercise the right half of the brain. It is a great hobby to tap into to find your creativity at your own pace.

  • It Strengthens your Memory

Painting strengthens memory through conceptual visualization. And those who regularly practice a creative outlet such as writing, drawing or painting are less likely to develop memory loss.

  • Builds Problem Solving Skills 

The artistic vision evolves during the process. Things don’t always go as planned. This builds problem solving skills and teaches us creative ways to think outside of the box.

  • Offers Stress Relief 

Stress is a problem, we all deal with to some extent. High levels of it can contribute to mental health issues. Painting is an emotional release for those struggling with stress. Focusing on painting allows your mind to relax. It is a good way to unwind and break ruminations. It reduces our stress and low stress leads to a happier and healthier lifestyle and  better mental health.

  • It Nurtures Emotional Growth

Releasing emotions through artwork can be very cathartic. Many therapists suggest painting or drawing as a treatment to those who have suffered psychological  painful encounters.Letting out emotions by painting promotes healing through abstract expression.

As someone constantly striving to improve and maintain my mental health this was something I throughly enjoyed and I highly recommend especially if you’re dealing with anxiety or ruminating.
The event was hosted by @placeatyler and @briemilam ! If you are in Dallas I would highly recommend checking them out for more events like it. Here is the PAINT SET I purchased for myself to do more at home!
Therapy painting

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