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Yoga Meditation and Self Reflection

yoga and meditation


As some of you might know I recently did the @deandreyoga 30 day yoga & meditation challenge. And in case you were waiting for the update I loved it. It was super attainable, good for beginners and for me was more than just a 30-day yoga challenge.

It was good reminder to make a little time for self reflection. I noticed I really looked forward to my 10-20 minute yoga flow and meditation sessions because it was such a nice time to be with me, myself and I. In fact, I liked it so much every week I’d make a little night out of one of the flows.

I would light a candle, get my aromatherapy going do a quick yoga or meditation session, then journal (self reflect) and go back to a couple minutes of meditation before wrapping up.

The Method to My Madness:

Yoga: With @deandreyoga  (10-20 minutes)
Meditation: With either @deandreyoga or @headspace   (5-10 minutes)
Journal: In my favorite @moleskin & prompts by @omandthecity (10-20 minutes)
Meditation: With either @deandreyoga or @headspace (5-10 minutes)

My introspection and self reflection was really through out the entire process but I focused a lot of the questions below in the journaling section!


  • Am I living my authentically? If not, how could I?
  • Am I using my days? What am I doing that I can cut out?
  • What puts me on edge or triggers my anxiety? How can I do my best to work around these triggers?
  • What puts me at ease, makes me happy? How do I create a life where there is more of that?
  • How does my body feel?Am I taking care of it? Am I putting good foods into it, moving around enough?Where can I make improvements?
  • Think about the people in your life who are your biggest cheerleaders? How can you support them!?

Getting in front of you mental and physical health should always be a priority! And these are some things that have kept me proactive in taking care of both my mental and physical health.

This post was inspired by my 30 day challenge with @deandreayoga and @omandthecity she shared the self reflection questions in a previous post of hers!

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